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Etilaam 1mg
Shipping24h Dispatch with Fast - Global & USA Shipping | See details Guaranteed Delivery Reship or Money Back Guarantee | See details Bitcoin Discount15% Automatic Discount when using Bitcoin | See setails


Etizest 1mg
Shipping24h Dispatch with Fast - Global & USA Shipping | See details Guaranteed Delivery Reship or Money Back Guarantee | See details Bitcoin Discount15% Automatic Discount when using Bitcoin | See setails


Etizex 1mg
Shipping: 24h Dispatch with Fast - Global & USA Shipping | See details Guaranteed Delivery Reship or Money Back Guarantee | See details Bitcoin Discount: 15% Automatic Discount when using Bitcoin | See setails
  • Seems very good quality I’ve seen a lot out there on the internet of people getting lots of bad etizolam if and when I can I will make sure that I post your website on those threads so they have a secure place to order from and a safe place, from what I can tell mine was 100% genuine even the etilaam I ordered was the same as when I order it years ago somewhere else. very good quality I will pass the word around to help you guys out

  • By far the best service I have used, 10/10, Great contact with emails, Competitive pricing, Many unique options , Discreet shipping, Product was as advertised and legit!

  • I was a first time user of the site. Just placed my second order. The customer service is unbelievable. They get back to you in almost minutes (well in my case). Very nice and understanding. Product arrived as planned, I tracked it the whole way, and was exactly how it looked on the website. Has done wonders for my research needs as well. Superb!

  • I’ve experienced a lot of various Etizolam products, ranging from the powder form to Etizest, Etilaam and Etilaam-MD. I have just placed my first order with this company but must say everything looks great so far. Selection, pricing, communication, etc all seem to be top notch. Even though I’ve only just placed my order and haven’t gotten the product yet I feel compelled to give this company a good rating because the pharm blisters have gotten somewhat rare and the powders are nothing but a problem. Thanks etizolab

  • Exactly the product expected! Purchased a small sample amount of 50 ‘Etizex’ tablets to test for authenticity due to the massive number of fakes prevalent on the Internet. After 10 days, my etizolam arrived as I’d expected once I was provided my tracking information and the quality is nothing but the highest. US Customs tends to take a while, but research for this product is still legal and people with an interest in the diazepine family’s evolving role in human or potentially animal anticonvulsant/anxiolytic/antiemetic properties will be 100% pleased with the reliable support and purity of Etizolab’s products.

    P.S. BitCoins are the best option! Purchasing 50 Etizex tablets resulted in an entire extra strip (10) of Etizex-1mg to my order free of charge! ?

  • You are fortunate to have found this company! Their customer service is excellent, and the products are legitimate. Ordering is easy; prices are competitive, and the packages arrive in a timely manner.

  • Had some initial hiccups with delivery but it was an easy mistake to make. Vendor quickly rectified this and even threw in double the amount I ordered as compensation. Their customer focus is that of any professional business, Excellent.

    Delivery was amazingly fast considering my location, up-to-date tracking to follow every movement.

    The quality of the product is exceptional. This is my first purchase of Etilaam and I won’t be going anywhere else in the future.

    Thanks guys!

  • I would give a perfect 5 stars, however the only (minor) drawback is shipping took a full 10 days… I would pay for express if you’re able to do it, because your product is EXACTLY as advertised. Thanks a lot guys, I’ll be ordering again!


  • I ordered 50. The order arrived quicker then I expected,it was cheaper then other websites I researched,and I was very happy with the quality.Definitely a great deal!

  • To start out, delivery came within expected time period and had no issues coming through customs (always a plus). Package was well padded with no damage whatsoever to the contents. The product itself was exactly as described. In my book, this makes a prefect 5/5 rating. I look forward to many more purchases from this vendor! Thank you EtizoLab for an easy and reliable service. Cheers!

  • I have researched many different etizolam brands and I can’t say I notice any difference. This is a great product. The packaging was extremely professional. The prices are the best I have found. The shipping is very fast considering the distances they have to travel for so of these packages. I live in the US and I ordered on 08/12/2016; received the package on 08/24/2016. 10 days is a very short time in my opinion but I order items from all over the world. Since I live in the middle of the US there are a lot of sorting hubs to go through to get to me, I know, I use email and text alerts to follow my packages. Now since my opinion is that they are all very much the same I don’t see any reason why I shouldn’t start making all my orders from here. I can’t beat the price, shipping, or packing so this is my new store of choice.

  • Absolutely taken aback at how easy and professional this vendor is. I accidentally placed the wrong order and contacted them via email. Within minutes they responded saying they’ll switch it out. Package arrived 1 week and 1 day after ordering and one of those was a missed delivery from our post office. Ordering again.

  • 10 out of 10 – Fantastic quality tablets, Fantastic Service and Fantastic Communicator. Best tablets out there and from ordering to getting them through my door took 1 week. AMAZING SERVICE. I have told all my friends and I will definitely be ordering more. THANK YOU SO MUCH .

  • I placed my order (a 50-quanity sample just to try, as I was a new customer). I placed this order at about 8pm Minnesota, USA time, figuring India was about 12-hours ahead of us. To my great surprise, my order was processed before noon and already at the Mumbai Port Office ready to ship to the U.S. by later that afternoon.

    EXCELLENT communication with my email questions. They answered in a timely fashion. It spent 3 days in NYC Customs (although it WAS over a weekend so that’s to be expected, I guess). It would be nice if they offered a more reliable way to ship the package, such as DHL, Fed-Ex, etc, because our American USPS tracking SUCKS. However, to my surprise the package arrived in ONLY 8 days, even counting the weekend days!

    This is a TOP-NOTCH service and I will not hesitate to order again. Just folks remember if you are using your credit card, you most likely need to call your card provider in advance and pre-approve an international transaction. This was a bit of a pain but the nice folks at Etizest included an extra pack of 10 tablets for FREE, which I assume was for the added stress (which was certainly NOT their fault!).

    Product exactly as advertised and is of moderate to high quality! I will be placing a larger order from these folks again soon as I can. You can rest assured this is NOT a scam and these folks are GREAT to deal with!

    I would stick with Etizolab if you want your product to arrive safe and sound and for the research chemicals to be the REAL DEAL. Thank you SO MUCH everyone at Etizolab for providing such a first class service. If only they ALL has as much integrity as you folks!

    Most sincerely,
    Franz (Duluth, MN)

  • I cannot rate these guys enough! I was amazed to find that even though my order was placed on Sunday evening I had received my order in Spain by Tuesday (less than two days later)! Phenomenal service! There was a slight mistake with my order as there were a couple of boxes missing, they rectified this straight and sent me the rest with a completementary box for the inconvenience. They responded to my emails within the hour every time and very efficient and polite. I will definitely be reordering and spreading the word about EtizoLab. Thanks again guys! Keep up the great work!

    Adrian (Murcia – Spain)

  • Sometimes it can be very difficult to find a reliable vendor for these types of products. I happened to stumble upon this site and thought it looked professional enough and I may just have a real chance of receiving the product I pay for. It is also very convenient for me to be able to use a simple Credit Card transaction and not have to deal with more difficult payment methods like on some other sites. I ordered a 100 pack on 9/15/16 and sat back and kept my fingers crossed. They provided a tracking number so I could stay up to date with the shipment progress, so after the 3rd day I was able to see my package in progress! 9 days later my package had successfully made it across the world from Mumbai right to my mailbox in the USA. Luckily I was home and able to sign for the package. I was very pleased with the product packaging, Very thin brown bubble padded cardboard envelop without company or product information on the outside. When I opened it I was very pleased that my complete order was all there and in 10 blister packs in perfect condition. They were kind enough to throw in a free extra blister pack as well, which is a sign of a good company that knows how to properly service there customers. I am a happy customer, I would order from this site again and I would recommend this site to anyone else interested in researching this product. I’m not big on writing reviews but I was skeptical when I found the etizolab myself so I hope I can help put some peoples mind at ease. It is the real deal, exactly as advertised. Thank You.

  • I received my order yesterday it took exactly ten days to get to me, and I was able to track it the entire way. The product is most definitely legit!!! I was so excited to conduct my research when I received the order that I began right away. It has now been over 24 hours since the first experiment began, and I am just now able to conduct second experiment. When I say able, I mean the first experiment I carried out was so successful, I need to scale back the administration of the etizolam on my next experiment. This is the real deal. I can’t imagine there being a better more pure product, if there is then my subjects do not need it. I have conducted many, many experiments in the past and have been conducting them for over 20 years, so for me to be saying that this product is very strong is saying a lot. Trust me, you will not be disappointed. My advice is to hold up adding any more etizolam to your initial experiment for at least a few hours or you might not see the next day like me. Thank you so much for such a great product. I will most definitely be placing another order.

  • Excellent service speed and quality. Got exactly what I ordered to my door in the east coast USA in approx 5-6 business days and was even given a free strip of 10 Etizest along with the 100 I ordered. Price is competitive and service is top notch.

  • Hi guys, thanks again! I’ve ordered from Etizolab many, many times and on each and every occasion they come through as guaranteed. Great job guys, I’d recommend you to anyone!

  • great service and deals just had issue the address label typo caused issue at usps. but I will buy from this vendor again. customer service is spot on though like new site…

  • These guys are unbelievable when it comes to customer service and quality of product. I had placed an order over the weekend, then randomly I had to move to another part of the island.. I changed my address with the postal service, but they usually screw things up for weeks if you throw a curb ball like that. I emailed etizolab, and simply asked if it would be possible (if my order had not already shipped) to send it to my new address. The responded right away, and said they had changed it just in time and it was on the way. This time it got to me in less than a week. Thanks so much. I have bought from other vendors, and they do not seem to have the same quality as you guys. So, I am sticking wit you from now on. Thanks again!

  • All I can say is how blown away by how well you presented your site and product. Everything you say you mean. Recieved tracking info less than 48 hrs later and tracked all the way to my door in a total of 10 days (not 10 business days). Can’t wait to get to the lab with these. A++, will definitely be going through again after I conduct my results.

  • This is where most of the U.S. vendors get their etizolam. If you find this you just bypassed the middleman. This is one of the safest and most reliable places to shop.

  • Product provide is overall 100% accurate. Shipping has varied, first order took 12 days second order took about 5 days. Slightly inconsistent shipping, HENCE the 4/5 stars! 🙂

  • BEST ETIZOLAM MANUFACTURER, thank you Consern Pharmaceutical.

    Recommended for Social Anxiety Disorder, panic attacks and motivation. Doses compared to clonazepam 1 MG-1 MG.

    Thank you,

  • Perfect transaction. Will be back for more. Just in time for the holidays. Took about 3 weeks to arrive so just be patient and you will get your product. Thank you again!

  • Franz (from Duluth)… This is my 2nd review left on this site. My 1st was for a trial order 50# of the Etizest-1 and my 2nd one was a larger order of over $200 for the Etilaam (it was whatever the “sale” that month. Once again I am a broken record saying how TOP NOTCH this firm is to deal with. Orders are processed IMMEDIATELY so I would recommend you send correspondence with the website owner PRIOR to completing your order, in case you have any special instructions for your order. To my absolute amazement for a SECOND time, the product arrived in a discrete package and from India to my door in Rural Minnesota… Exactly ONE WEEK. Rocket Fast if you ask me! These guys are great and I will continue to order through them in the future. The product is excellent – now both brands that I have tried (Could not notice any difference between them, both were of the highest quality. Thank you once again to the entire staff, both foreign and domestic, who works so hard to provide a totally safe and reliable service. Happy Holidays to EVERYONE!!!!

  • Best vendor ever, very fast shipping, product was great, have ordered twice and both times came as expected..will continue to do business best vendor out there

  • Received this in a timely fashion as always with this company. Trusted product and most excellent customer service. Email questions are always answered within hours. Thank you everyone at the Etizolab team!

  • Despite ordering during the holiday rush, I still got my order well within 10 business days, and was pleasantly surprised with the contents. These are the real thing, and being mass manufactured by a trusted source does not throw the data off like certain unnamed other sources. When I’ll require more for my research this is the place I am coming back to!

  • Hello ! Everything worked well for me, paying by Mastercard with no issues. If you prefer everything to be clear, just send them some mails and ask them everything you want to know before to order with them. For me it took less than 10 working days from the day they confirmed me that everything was done and sended. I just take off a “star” (4/5) because of the time it tooks according to the distance between them and me (I’m in Western Europe) but it’s not there fault at all.. I’ve been chatting fairly with them before to order and they haven’t been disapointing me at all. Nice service. I’ll order again soon. Thanks !

  • This was my first time using this vendor and I couldn’t be happier! Product was delivered in a timely manner and descreetly packaged. Customer service was great and responded quickly. Etizest is absolutely top notch stuff, and the pricing seems competitive. Will definitely be using again.

  • Used them in the past. Great service. Great speed of delivery, good people, product always tested as legitimate under expensive lab equipment used to check for knock off brand name products. Leaving a positive review, and a thanks to the people who run the website.

  • first time user and i was scared it would not arrive but it went perfectly. stealth could be a bit better but otherwise everything was amazing. thank you so much etizolab!

  • Fantastic product, I went from the order screen to having it in my hands within the space of only nine days, despite being continents away from the fine folk at etizolab. With transparency at every step, a reliable product and a trustworthy company, I can think of no better place to obtain samples of etizolam.

  • This was my first order with Etizolab. I was a little scared using a new vendor but they were great with communication and shipping. I highly recommend this vendor. I like them so much that i just ordered Etizest from them. Thus far Etizolab has exceeded my expecations. If you are looking for a reliable vendor look no further. You will get your order, and if you have any questions during shipping Etizolab answered all of my questions. Thanks Etizolab you are 100 Percent a life saver.

  • I was worng on my previous review big time. WATCH OUT I ordered Etilaam but i received Etizenx-1 which will not work for my research. I have emaield and asked customer service for help but no one has responded. I got a product but it is not what i ordered. If they conact me to fix this i will update this thread, but to to their lack of response to my wrong shippment i would recommend looking for a vendor that ships what you order. If you Google Etizolab and Reddit you will see that others have had this same issue without resoltion. Etizolab honor your delivery guarentee and either give me and refund or please ship me what i ordered.

  • Update- i was contated by the company and they aggreed to ship my original order with the tracking number . I belvieve this to have just been a shipping error. Since Etizolab has honored their end of the agreement I would use them again.

  • I’ve always had good communications with this company and I’ve never had an order fail to arrive. The product has always been real and has been effective. My only complaint is delivery time… it’s always within what they promise (5-10 business days, usually get mine in 7-9), I just wish they had an option for faster delivery, or even overnight delivery, for an extra charge of course. Perhaps take that into consideration Etizolab. 😉

  • Great product! great service! the tracking was not available in my country once arrived from overseas(though no fault of theirs ) but still very satisfied. Received product as ordered. they promptly replied to emails and lived up to their promise. This is the first vendor I have ever tried for etizolam and I have no reason to go anywhere else. Professional legitimate business. Will definitely be ordering again.

  • A trustworthy source, AMAZING communication. Assisted me through issues I was having with bitcoin and answered all my questions/ concerns. Quality product, sealed blister packs. No hold ups or issues during transit. 13 days from order to my door. Thank you.

  • Bottom line: 4/5 overall. Fast order processing, no hassle shipping, received product on time, but product was NOT what was ordered but an equivalent.

    I ordered 100 Etizest but was sent 100 Etizex. I was given a free extra strip bringing the total to 110 tablets, perhaps because I paid in cryptocurrency. I’m not particularly pleased with the switch between Etizest and Etizex without any notification, but so long as the functionality of the two substances assays within normal limits they will work for my experimentation. I will update this review with further information if necessary. Shipping wise, my order was dispatched quickly after ordering and made it through customs with ease. I would probably use this supplier again, I just wish I got what I was ordered or at least contacted to see if I was okay with the switch. Communication is key, otherwise a decent transaction.

  • Great company , they are 100% legit , the order will take a day or 2 to process and then you get tracking , If you are in the USA please know that the tracking link they send you will not update until it gets to ISC in new york , so you just need to be patient , and mine cleared customs in 4 days and i had my order in about 14 days total . Quality samples forsure and one of the most reliable sources give them a shot!!! Thanks guys!!!