Etizest 1 mg
Etizest 1mg
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  • By far the best service I have used, 10/10, Great contact with emails, Competitive pricing, Many unique options , Discreet shipping, Product was as advertised and legit!

  • I was a first time user of the site. Just placed my second order. The customer service is unbelievable. They get back to you in almost minutes (well in my case). Very nice and understanding. Product arrived as planned, I tracked it the whole way, and was exactly how it looked on the website. Has done wonders for my research needs as well. Superb!

  • I’ve experienced a lot of various Etizolam products, ranging from the powder form to Etizest, Etilaam and Etilaam-MD. I have just placed my first order with this company but must say everything looks great so far. Selection, pricing, communication, etc all seem to be top notch. Even though I’ve only just placed my order and haven’t gotten the product yet I feel compelled to give this company a good rating because the pharm blisters have gotten somewhat rare and the powders are nothing but a problem. Thanks etizolab

  • You are fortunate to have found this company! Their customer service is excellent, and the products are legitimate. Ordering is easy; prices are competitive, and the packages arrive in a timely manner.

  • Great shipping time no problem in custom and to top it off very high quality product a+++ in book thanks will definitely be back

  • Customer service amazing. Package arrived early and was exactly as expected. 10 out of 10. Honest review from happy customer.

  • To start out, delivery came within expected time period and had no issues coming through customs (always a plus). Package was well padded with no damage whatsoever to the contents. The product itself was exactly as described. In my book, this makes a prefect 5/5 rating. I look forward to many more purchases from this vendor! Thank you EtizoLab for an easy and reliable service. Cheers!

  • I’m so happy I found a reliable vendor for my reseach. This company is completely reliable, great with customer service, and delivery guaranteed.

  • Great service A++++ delivery was promised and was on point. Product was exactly as pictured and great customer service. Will be a repeat customer for sure. A++++++

  • I placed my order (a 50-quanity sample just to try, as I was a new customer). I placed this order at about 8pm Minnesota, USA time, figuring India was about 12-hours ahead of us. To my great surprise, my order was processed before noon and already at the Mumbai Port Office ready to ship to the U.S. by later that afternoon.

    EXCELLENT communication with my email questions. They answered in a timely fashion. It spent 3 days in NYC Customs (although it WAS over a weekend so that’s to be expected, I guess). It would be nice if they offered a more reliable way to ship the package, such as DHL, Fed-Ex, etc, because our American USPS tracking SUCKS. However, to my surprise the package arrived in ONLY 8 days, even counting the weekend days!

    This is a TOP-NOTCH service and I will not hesitate to order again. Just folks remember if you are using your credit card, you most likely need to call your card provider in advance and pre-approve an international transaction. This was a bit of a pain but the nice folks at Etizest included an extra pack of 10 tablets for FREE, which I assume was for the added stress (which was certainly NOT their fault!).

    Product exactly as advertised and is of moderate to high quality! I will be placing a larger order from these folks again soon as I can. You can rest assured this is NOT a scam and these folks are GREAT to deal with!

    I would stick with Etizolab if you want your product to arrive safe and sound and for the research chemicals to be the REAL DEAL. Thank you SO MUCH everyone at Etizolab for providing such a first class service. If only they ALL has as much integrity as you folks!

    Most sincerely,
    Franz (Duluth, MN)

  • Amazing service quick delivery and very straightforward. I was hesitant at first but they sure proved me wrong. Definitely became my number 1 spot

  • I cannot rate these guys enough! I was amazed to find that even though my order was placed on Sunday evening I had received my order in Spain by Tuesday (less than two days later)! Phenomenal service! There was a slight mistake with my order as there were a couple of boxes missing, they rectified this straight and sent me the rest with a completementary box for the inconvenience. They responded to my emails within the hour every time and very efficient and polite. I will definitely be reordering and spreading the word about EtizoLab. Thanks again guys! Keep up the great work!

    Adrian (Murcia – Spain)

  • Excellent service speed and quality. Got exactly what I ordered to my door in the east coast USA in approx 5-6 business days and was even given a free strip of 10 Etizest along with the 100 I ordered. Price is competitive and service is top notch.

  • great service and deals just had issue the address label typo caused issue at usps. but I will buy from this vendor again. customer service is spot on though like new site…

  • Nothing but top notch service and product. Shipping is fast and easy and they take great care of their customers.

  • This is where most of the U.S. vendors get their etizolam. If you find this you just bypassed the middleman. This is one of the safest and most reliable places to shop.

  • Takes around 2 weeks, but it is the most reliable/safe place I’ve ordered from, by far. If you can wait the extra few days, highly recommended.

  • Product provide is overall 100% accurate. Shipping has varied, first order took 12 days second order took about 5 days. Slightly inconsistent shipping, HENCE the 4/5 stars! 🙂

  • BEST ETIZOLAM MANUFACTURER, thank you Consern Pharmaceutical.

    Recommended for Social Anxiety Disorder, panic attacks and motivation. Doses compared to clonazepam 1 MG-1 MG.

    Thank you,

  • Excelllent customer service and great product. If there are any isssues they are on it. cant say enough about this company.

  • Perfect transaction. Will be back for more. Just in time for the holidays. Took about 3 weeks to arrive so just be patient and you will get your product. Thank you again!

  • Best vendor ever, very fast shipping, product was great, have ordered twice and both times came as expected..will continue to do business best vendor out there

  • Despite ordering during the holiday rush, I still got my order well within 10 business days, and was pleasantly surprised with the contents. These are the real thing, and being mass manufactured by a trusted source does not throw the data off like certain unnamed other sources. When I’ll require more for my research this is the place I am coming back to!

  • This was my first time using this vendor and I couldn’t be happier! Product was delivered in a timely manner and descreetly packaged. Customer service was great and responded quickly. Etizest is absolutely top notch stuff, and the pricing seems competitive. Will definitely be using again.

  • Used them in the past. Great service. Great speed of delivery, good people, product always tested as legitimate under expensive lab equipment used to check for knock off brand name products. Leaving a positive review, and a thanks to the people who run the website.

  • first time user and i was scared it would not arrive but it went perfectly. stealth could be a bit better but otherwise everything was amazing. thank you so much etizolab!

  • Excellent packaging and delivery was faster than expected. Definitely will be a repeat customer. Good Job guys.

  • A trustworthy source, AMAZING communication. Assisted me through issues I was having with bitcoin and answered all my questions/ concerns. Quality product, sealed blister packs. No hold ups or issues during transit. 13 days from order to my door. Thank you.

  • Awesome service hands down the best!!🙌🏼 Great products to test highest quality thank you etizolab team!

  • Great company , they are 100% legit , the order will take a day or 2 to process and then you get tracking , If you are in the USA please know that the tracking link they send you will not update until it gets to ISC in new york , so you just need to be patient , and mine cleared customs in 4 days and i had my order in about 14 days total . Quality samples forsure and one of the most reliable sources give them a shot!!! Thanks guys!!!

  • Excellent company. I’m in the USA and it is shipped from Singapore. I placed my order November 16thand got it in hand the 26th. I have never used bitcoin but they directed me to great beginner sites. I will say I have an Apple SE phone and I wasn’t able to use the site well. I had to figure out the bugs myself, my advice use a laptop. The product builds tolerance very quickly. I think in my own testing the quality is fine, just the aforementioned problem. I’m curious to see if it may be fixed

  • P.S I would only order from this company. They are the most trustworthy and run very well

  • of etizest, the product, I prefer it to etilaam . it takes 4mg of etizest to achieve the same effect with 10mg of etilaam. I hope to research all brands and write reviews.

  • ordered from ******* then waited 2 weeks and ordered from here, took 8 days, got my order faster than *******’s which took a month to receive. great product. will be doing business again

  • second order and surprised a second time, guys this right here really is the real deal, sry i posted another website on here last time, didn’t kno it wasn’t allowed, but i ordered this second order like 2 days ago and it’s already in new york!! great guys awesome research quality too. this place beats all others, even faster shipping than domestic lol

  • ok so this is my 3rd and final review, if u don’t believe or trust them after this then that’s u. received my 3rd order after 8 days from when i paid again, so very fast shipping considering its overseas, very pleased with product that comes straight from manufacturer, does great with my lab tests, thank y’all so much for being one of the most legit vendors out there. again sry for 3 back to back reviews but i want others to kno i’m not some fake reviewer or anything and if anyone has any questions they can email me at [email protected], other than that cheers for my order coming in today and hope the best for everyone, stop getting ripped off elsewhere and choose etizolab. thanks a lot!

  • There was a problem at first with my payent because the website stated I had never paid, which was frustrating because the money was withdrawn from my account. I emailed customer servixe here and they figured it out in no time and got my package to me safe and quick. I had my doubts ill admit, but now I know these guys are professionals who take their business seriously and are all about the customer. Thanks again guys!

  • This is my 5th order I believe from this site. Product is of the highest quality, just the SSA me issue others have mentioned; shipping takes a while sometimes. I’ve received orders in as few as 5 days, but other times it has taken 14. Varies wildly, and they should give the option of an extra fee for faster shipping. Like maybe 3 day shipping. Usually goes by weight and these things weigh nothing so probably expect the fee to be maybe 10-20$. Other than that, awesome company. They need to take down the bitcoin discount since it seems they no longer give it. I had to pay an extra ~$30 the past 2 times because the discount is no longer taken off. Wish theyd bring that back, as well.

  • They are very good; I was quite dissatisfied as I had been emailing [email protected] and using the contact form due to a non delivery. It took me a while to figure out [email protected] responds fast. So other than not receiving a response from them once I was in touch with the right email address; they promptly reshipped my order. It took a while as I had moved to a new address but my order came finally. I would recommend anyone with questions to email [email protected] for a prompt reply. Other than the email issue; they followed through on the guarantee! They will keep me coming and I’ve never had any problems in 7 orders.

    Took a bit to fix but once in touch they made it right! Thanks team etizolab!

  • Fantastic customer service! Etizolab is very quick to respond to any questions and very helpful to resolve any issues. The products are amazing, you can’t go wrong with shopping with Etizloab. My favorite product is Etizest. *****5 Star worthy customer service and products. I highly recommend purchasing with Etizloab. You will not be disappointed.

  • I was skeptic at first being it was my first order, however I am pleased to say Etizolab has provided excellent customer service. Providing a quick dispatch and update of successful payment makes me feel secure as a consumer. Thank you Etizolab!

  • Great product !! Decently fast shipping took only 11 days to arrive at my door. Will definitely order again. If you’re a skeptic just know I was to at first and they have impressed me beyond belief with their product and their customer service ! Couldn’t have asked for a better experience. After it hit the US and went through customs (only took a day) I had it in my hands 4 days after. So if you have any worries know that they are THE REAL DEAL the whole experience was an easy 10/10 !!!

  • Ordered on Nov 9th
    Ordered on Nov 9th, the shipment was held by customs on Nov 18th. After the allotted time, a reshipment was sent out Dec 5th and received that order on Dec 18th. This was my first order. And despite the customs hold up, quality and customer service is on point. 10/10 will order again. Hopefully next one won’t get held up. The reshipment arrived in 13 days. Thanks etizolab!!

  • the shipping takes some time due to customs, but I got my order within about 2 weeks. nothing but positive feedback for this product and the vendor 🙂

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