How to Pay with Bitcoins circle


 Anonymous payments, zero transaction fees and its Quick and easy!

Want to reduce costs, stay anonymous and get a 15% discount?. For those of you who already use bitcoins or have a bitcoin account / wallet, you can send payment to our bitcoin address supplied in checkout from any wallet. The instructions below are a guide for newbies to bitcoins. The website provides you instantly with bitcoins that can be purchased with your debit card, credit card and/or by connecting your bank account. Below we provide a step by step guide, how to purchase bitcoins from and send it to us.

Firstly, select the products your wish to purchase from our website as normal, adding to cart, then proceed to checkout and select Bitcoins as your payment method, confirm the order and you will then be provided with our bitcoin address and the amount to send in bitcoins. which will look like this :


Then proceed with the following 4 steps :

Step 1.

Create an account at . You can create an account online or simply download the APP from Google Play orApple’s Application Store. Click on the image to visit the signup page.


Step 2.

Once you are registered to the website, then simply purchase bitcoin using your debit card. There are 0% fees when you purchase with your debit card for example if your order is 100 USD then you must purchase bitcoin valued at 100 USD.


Step 3.

Once you enter your card and purchase the bitcoins, then the next step is to send them to our bitcoin address. Below is a screenshot. Click on “send money” on top of the screen and you will see the same form like in the image below. Then you enter our bitcoin address (which was provided at checkout when you placed your order) inside the top box of the form, you enter the purchase amount which was also provided and you click send.



Step 4.

Normally within few seconds or minutes, the payment should arrive at our bitcoin addressOur system automatically finds the payment and notifies us that your payment was successful. Your order will then be updated and processed, Its as simple as that!.. Your 15% Discount will be automatically added to your order when you select bitcoin as payment method!

we are not affiliated in any way with this bitcoin exchange. we simply choose it due to the ease of purchasing bitcoin with a debit card.

Please note that our bitcoin address will be different for every transaction, so always check out to be provided with the correct address to send to – if you have any questions feel free to contact us!

    COVID 19 Update : Please Note We Are Currently Experiencing Long Shipping Delays.